Quickly Alias Git Commands

Typing Git commands over and over can get real tedious. Let's make it easier!

Run this command in your shell with your own alias name and the corresponding git command

git config --global alias.{alias-name} {git command}


git config --global alias.show-remote 'remote show origin'

command is now

git show-remote

instead of:

git remote show origin

Combine Commands

git config --global alias.add-commit '!git add -A && git commit'

command is now

git add-commit -m 'My commit message'

instead of:

git add .`git commit -m 'my commit message'

Aliases can save you a lot of time! I'm always misspelling git commands but with aliases that is a thing of the past.

To see all your aliases run this command:

nano ~/.gitconfig

Near the bottom you'll see something like this


With great power comes great responsibility. Use this command wisely! Make sure you know exactly what the command is doing before you alias or combine them.

Thanks 😁